girl-1064659_640I usually don’t blog from my phone because of the wonderful world of auto correct. However; tonight I am making a  exception because I just cannot get out of bed. I lie here after working all day as a special education teacher. I have already turned in my resignation. I attended an art class. Then proceeded to come home and get my 5 year old ready for bed. He is sleeping soundly (thank you lavender), but as much as I need and want to get up and do things. My body will not allow me to. I need to pack lunches, wash dishes, shower, hell I need to pee! Yet here I lie. Having several chronic and mental illnesses and the meds that come with them bring on a fatigue that is unexplainable. The depression kills any motivation to do the things I need to do. I can’t change it; however  I have no choice but to get up and do what needs to be done. Especially the peeing part.