alcohol-1198642_640Again, Blogging on my phone so I  will try not to make too many mistakes.  My uncle was an alcoholic but he never really quit, until he was so sick from drinking that we had to pull the plug. I guess that is a huge reason I am so intent on helping my friend.  I have learned some things :
1. When they relapse they can become very angry at themselvea and take it out on you.
2. They won’t remeber half of what they said so forgive them.
3. They will mean some of it, but just forgive them again.  Isn’t forgiveness the biggest part of healing?
4. Help them forgive themselves. We as humans are hardest on ourselves than we are on others.
5. You can’t fix them, but you can try to keep them distracted from drinking.
6. AA doesnt always work.
7. Don’t give up on your family member or friend. They need your support.
8. It is a disease, the hardest addiction to break because it is legal to buy.
9. Check on them daily even it’s by phone to see if they are ok.
10. And finally, if it comes to the point that your own health begins to suffer….let them go.