If you think that being an Empath  only deals with how sensitive one is, than you are far from right.  In fact Empath’s can suffer more than the “normal” population. A true Empath can take on the emotions of others and feel their intentions. Empaths often complain of fatigue and aches and pains.  I have always know within seconds of meeting a man if he is sexually attracted to me and if someone liked or disliked me.  I have known when to avoid people and who to trust. Yet, I always kept it to myself.

Where am I going with all this?  I have recently regarded myself as an Empath. One of the reasons I couldn’t continue teaching is I was bringing the students’ feelings and problems home with me.   My therapist actually said it was “toxic”.  Aches and pains, well I also have Lupus so it would be difficult for me to determine what is causing what.

I was faced with a recent situation with someone very troubled but whom I considered a great friend.  We both have our own problems and talked frequently about them, but sometimes, some nights, especially if we had seen each other that day or were supposed to and plans were canceled, he would change. Dr. Jekyll  and Mr. Hyde. I am not concerned about him reading this. He knows I have a blog and has the address. He has even called himself that. He knows he has a problem and doesn’t deny it. He always blamed it on a relapse.

When we are having coffee, watching t.v. or playing games, I feel his emotions and we both feel happy and the best friends ever.  Luckily, I have never been around him when he would turn to Mr. Hyde, because Empaths have a habit of projecting back the feelings they are receiving.  Not being with him during the outbursts there is nothing to absorb. I just read the mean and nasty messages as he lashes out at me and eventually break down and cry. The entire time begging him to be calm and realize what he is doing. He stops eventually and apologizes.  This last event was very toxic.Is this a form of emotional abuse? I am still feeling it from yesterday. Can I forgive him? Yes, always….. but this time I am having trouble forgetting.

So everyone I have talked to about my friend feels he is dangerous.  I don’t feel that way, if I am empathic than why am I not feeling it?  I do however, absorb the negativity  my friends and family feel as they tell me these things. To the point where my husband did a background check. Some things concerned me from it, just because we share everything and he hadn’t shared some of the things on it. So where do my own feelings go?!?  I literally promised not to give up on him.  So do I give up on a friend because of other’s feelings, when I don’t have the fear and don’t feel any ill intentions?  Who am I asking these questions to…..the readers or myself?  Everyone says let go of toxic people….well yes when he is Mr. Hyde he is toxic, but Dr. Jekyll is one of the best friends I have ever had.

***side note, my BFF for life and my sister from another mister is named Erica ❤

Feeling Very Confused,


Oh here is a link to a blog that has a lot of information on Empaths: