I feel  like I have been off here forever. So many things have happened, and I will get into them one by one. I’m an open book, remember?  To begin with you may have noticed that I deleted a post written by another person on alcoholism. This is because I had to put a stalking restraining order on him. I tried to walk away from our friendship when he proceeded to make (in my mind) a threat to me.  He was upset and stated that the alcohol was going to kill him, he never quit, his eyes were yellow as he spoke to me indicating liver damage in my non medical field knowledge.  Then he said “no, I won’t die first. You will, then I will die. We can die together.”   Hello!!!!! Is that not a murder suicide threat?

So I just began ignoring him, he blew my phone up with texts. I finally began to screen shot some of them, followed by blocking his number.  He got another number…same thing.  FB pages….again, block and delete….stating each time to never contact me again. I still didn’t go to the police. So after no way of getting a hold of me, and no address. He shows up drunk at my friends house one night. Telling everyone to shoot him because he couldn’t live without me etc, etc. Finally he was arrested for disorderly conduct or something stupid. I went to file a police report and temporary restraining order the next day as soon as the police station opened.

I was denied the temporary, but a week later within seconds of in front of the judge (all I had to do was state my name). He approved a final restraining order. What a relief off my shoulder.

Point is my friends, don’t be so trusting. People will make you believe what they wish you to believe, and if someone tells you that something doesn’t seem right…don’t brush them off like I did. You cannot fix people that don’t want to be fixed but they sure can destroy you.  Also, if for any reason you find yourself in a recovery unit they will warn you not to keep in touch with any of the other patients.  This is precisely why they say that. No matter how sweet and innocent they seem…..just don’t.

Be safe and have a great weekend.

**note…. he and his friends have continued to contact me but living in a new state good luck asshole. One more time and he can go to jail.