So most of you know that due to my physical and mental health that I have applied for disability. I applied in November, got denied in February. From friends and the lawyer I have now hired, I know this is very common. What I do not understand is that according to my lawyer I am a “sure win”, yet I have to wait a year for an appeal hearing?

What am I suppose to do for a year?

You hear about women who apply and are approved because of bad knees who are swinging around a pole in the strip bar. You hear about the men with bad backs that are approved yet are working “under the table” as roofers. So many people misuse the system that people who really need  help cannot get it.

My best friend since childhood has been fighting the system for over a year. She’s had multiple strokes, and several physical and mental problems. Luckily the job she had at the time of onset allowed for a temporary disability. Problem is, that runs out soon and she is stuck without any money, homeless, etc. Yet Social Security drags the process on and on, even though all her doctors say she is permanently disabled. Doctors don’t just throw that around, they don’t want brought into the courts. So she waits…..

My biggest problem is I moved from Florida to Tennessee. It really shouldn’t matter to Social Security, but straightening the doctor thing up has been hell. I have been here for seven months yet I still do not have all my doctor records from Florida. I have been lucky to find a mental health facility and a family doctor, but I have not been able to find a rheumatologist. Having Lupus and several autoimmune diseases that is one doctor I desperately need. Not only do I need one for treatment, but you have to have those documents for the disability board you know.

Speaking of doctors………I mentioned above that I found a great mental health facility. I have. They have wonderful counselors, but the doctor is this guy I see on a computer screen every few months who does not know me from the person that was in right before me. He is the god of medicine. He asks things like…Is it working? No? Let us increase the doses so the side effects you already have can get a little worse. Yes, I digress. It does deal with disability though. I have a packet for each doctor to fill out asking all these personal questions and domains to rate me in. A little hard to do if the doctor does not even know your name without looking at the screen in front of him.

So, what do I do for a year? Get records and beg doctors to fill out paperwork that they honestly do not have the time to screw with. My family doctor said I am permanently disabled. Why can’t that be enough? God I wish I could just walk into a school and start teaching again, or even be a maid. I want to work. I am bored out of my ever loving mind and I am getting fat. Yay for meds and sitting on your ass. Yet I know if I step into a classroom I will have a mental breakdown. Not being able to drive due to anxiety and medicines does not help either. So I will wait, stress, and then wait some more while the disability gods dangle my life in their hands.